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Fangchenggang Steel Base of Liuzhou Steel Group

The Fangchenggang Steel Base Project (Phase I) of Liuzhou Steel Group is another important milestone in the history of Guangxi's industrial development, a major achievement of Fangchenggang City in earnestly implementing the national iron and steel industry layout and actively participating in the secondary entrepreneurship of the metallurgical industry in the region, and also a grand event and happy event that millions of people of all ethnic groups in Fangchenggang have long awaited.

The project not only marks the accelerated formation of the layout of "one core, three belts and nine bases" of Guangxi's metallurgical industry, but also will promote the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of Guangxi's iron and steel industry, which is expected to drive the further growth of the region's industry, and also opens up a new path for opening the ASEAN steel market and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results.

Guangdong High Power Technology Co., Ltd. provides the production and installation service of 10kV solid insulated tubular bus for this project. This product is waterproof, fireproof, corrosion-resistant, anti-seismic, and has excellent performance against low temperature condensation. It is simple in layout and beautiful! Zero fault warranty for 30 years!

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