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Location: Home NEWS INFORMATION What role does solid insulated tubular bus play in power transmission system?
What role does solid insulated tubular bus play in power transmission system?
2021.08.15 Views:469

As the main transmission equipment in the power transmission and transformation system, solid insulated tubular bus plays a safe and reliable role and is widely used in the power construction projects in China. Among them, the main application advantages of solid insulated tubular bus are:

· The tubular busbar adopts a series of advanced technologies such as domestic advanced hot top casting seamless pipe, with smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy, high tensile strength, and not easy to generate discharge and deformation.

· The product adopts the rare earth and heat-resistant aluminum alloy material developed by the company (which has applied for the national invention patent), and has excellent processing, welding, electrical conductivity and heat resistance. The products have been appraised by the science and technology department and reached the international advanced level.

· Good convection heat dissipation conditions, low temperature rise, small loss, strong conductivity and large current carrying capacity (test report 2008 cable No. S13 of Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of State Grid).

· It has high heat resistance and can improve the working temperature of the tubular bus (the working temperature reaches 150 ℃ - 200 ℃). The conductor has high mechanical strength under high temperature, which improves the safety and reliability of the power transmission and transformation system. Recommended reading: what preparations should be made before welding the tubular bus

·The installation area is small, and the combined tubular busbar is 1 / 3 of the area of the flexible conductor.

· Corrosion resistance, not easy to freeze, strong disaster resistance and long service life.

· Convenient installation, beautiful appearance, safe operation, stable and reliable, and convenient maintenance.




The high-strength heat-resistant aluminum alloy tubular bus has good heat resistance and has high strength at high working temperature (150 ℃ ~ 200 ℃). High mechanical performance, tensile strength can still maintain 80% of normal temperature, strong anti icing ability, and can resist the occurrence of icing disaster to a certain extent.