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Location: Home NEWS INFORMATION What is the difference between fully insulated tubular bus and semi insulated tubular bus?
What is the difference between fully insulated tubular bus and semi insulated tubular bus?
2021.11.15 Views:704

Tubular busbar:There are full insulation and semi insulation, but many people see the word "insulation" and generally think that they have the protective effect of the insulation layer, but most people can't tell the essential difference between the two? Let's talk about it today!

Semi insulated tubular busbarIn fact, we can make a general distinction from the surface meaning. Semi insulation means that the insulation strength is not enough and the insulation layer is relatively thin. Although the long bus is wrapped, it is mainly insulated by insulators, which has not yet achieved complete protection. There is induced current on the skin during operation. This semi insulated tubular bus shall consider the surrounding layout space, and shall be arranged according to the safety distance required by the rated voltage, and shall not be in direct contact with the grounding object. Therefore, the semi insulated tubular bus is generally suitable for outdoor overhead incoming line. Moreover, its price is relatively cheap, and the later cleaning work is also relatively simple. It only needs to clean the dirt on the surface of the edge, and basically no maintenance is required.



Fully insulated tubular busbarThe tubular bus is covered with a full insulation layer. The insulation effect can be achieved only by the external insulation layer. The surface potential is zero, it can be touched, it can directly contact with the grounding object, and it is stable and relatively safe. It can be applicable to various environments, including some harsh or local narrow space conditions.